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The Other Ones: Do you identify with the term Asian American?

by Martin & Rich Lee

by Martin & Rich Lee





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  1. Yes, I am a huge promoter that all APAIs use the term Asian American. I say this because in the political world 10% is the minimum status a group needs to have to have a voice and a vote. The Hispanic community used to insist on each group being separate much like we Asians. However, starting in the 2000 census they changed to having Hispanic group name plus breaking out each group below the group. Without having the Hispanic heading, politicians could sherry pick which groups were to be counted in order to justify the counts the politicians wanted to use. BTW, doing such is never to the advantage of the minorities. That is why in cities, states and governments our counts tend to be under counted. FACT: the summation of Asian Indians and Chinese is about half of the global population alone and yet somehow in American statistics Asian Americans very between 7% to 9%.


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