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Lt. Gov. Aruna Miller breaking barriers for AAPI representation

Aruna Miller became widely known in Maryland as she became the first South Asian woman to hold the position of lieutenant governor in the United States. She is also the first immigrant to hold statewide office in Maryland, according to the DC News Now.

Together with Governor Wes Moore, she embarked on a historic campaign and emerged as the successful candidate.

Her journey commenced years ago, beginning in India and leading to in her being sworn in as an American citizenship. As the month dedicated to celebrating the heritage of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders unfolds, she takes a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Miller arrived in the United States in 1972, when she was 7 years old.

“I remember stepping off the airplane, looking into the airport, and I see this sea of people, right? Hundreds and hundreds of people. And in my little mind as a child, I’m looking at them and I’m thinking, ‘holy moly, I love this country. Look at all these people that came to greet my dad and me as we arrived to the United States,'” Miller said as a smile grew across her face, growing more and more with each word. “And then I got really excited when I thought they were throwing confetti to welcome us.”

“I’d never seen snow before,” Miller said to WUSA. “But I will never forget that day because I’ve never stopped being excited about this nation and what it promises for immigrants from all over the world to come here and have the great privilege of being an American.”

The inspiration she gained from her personal journey continues to fuel her commitment to public service. One essential aspect of her dedication is ensuring that she serves all residents of Maryland, which begins by understanding the challenges they face. According to Miller, AAPI Heritage Month encompasses more than just celebrating achievements; it also entails recognizing the hardships that the community has encountered throughout history.

Recognizing that the Asian American community encompasses over 50 ethnic groups and originates from approximately 40 different countries, Miller emphasizes that their needs and experiences are diverse and multifaceted.

As she assumes her role, her objective is to create an inclusive and welcoming environment that addresses the unique requirements of each community member. Miller emphasizes that her aim is not merely to be the first, but rather to cultivate inclusive spaces where every individual feels secure and valued. \

“That’s just the beginning part of how you can represent a community that maybe has felt like they’ve been left behind. And it’s not just the South Asian community. It’s all communities of color,” she said, “I want to be able to be a voice for them.”

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