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Arrest made in attempted home invasion robbery caught on video

An 18-year-old teen is under arrest in Kent, WA following an attempted home invasion robbery caught on video.

As AsAmNews reported earlier this month, an Asian couple returned home at 1 a.m. from a casino. The husband entered the front door followed by his wife.

That’s when she noticed someone right behind her and used all her force to close the door before the man could enter.

KIRO7 reports that Kent Police and Valley SWAT converged on the man Thursday to take him into custody.

According to the Kent Reporter, investigators are looking into the possible connection between this incident and other similar cases in the area.

“It is a credit to the commitment and expertise of our detectives that has led to this great outcome today,” Kent Police Chief Rafael Padilla said. “We want our community to know that this type of effort is what they can expect all the time.”

On the night of the attempted robbery, the couple’s son heard all the commotion and ran from upstairs to witness the confrontation.

“The moment she got inside the house she did a 360 and leaned as hard as she could on the door and it didn’t close all the way,” said Jimmy to KIRO7. “He had his hand in between the doorway and he also had a foot. Kind of like a stop.”

The husband gave the door a final push to close it while the suspect had a gun in his hand.

A report from KING5 details the arrests of six people last month in a series of home invasion robberies mostly targeting Asian Americans in South Seattle. In all, police in Seattle say they’ve been investigating 14 incidents since June.

In many of those cases, the suspects confronted their victims outside their homes and forced their way inside.

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