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Hosts of View defend Jo Koy. Comic “hurt” by criticism

Jo Koy has heard the criticism of his hosting duties at the Golden Globes Sunday and he admits it hurts.

“That’s a tough room. I’m not going to lie,” said Koy on Good Morning America 3. “Getting that gig and having the time that we had to prepare. That was a crash course.”

CBS announced the choice of Koy just 10 days before the show. The comic says that several performers turned down the opportunity because of the short turnaround time to prepare, but he said he wanted to go for it.

Koy didn’t mince any words in his own assessment of his performance.

“I wanted to give a little bit more of me and I just fell a little short,” he said.

Speaking on the View, Whoopi Goldberg who has hosted the Oscars four-times defended Koy.

“These gigs, these hosting gigs are brutal. They’re just brutal,” she said, according to the New York Post. ” “If you don’t know the room, if you’ve not been in these rooms before and you’re thrust out there, it’s hit or miss … I don’t know whether it was the room or the jokes, I didn’t get to see it, but I do know that [Jo is] as good as it gets when it comes to stand-ups.”

The joke that Koy said was a bit off target was his joke about the NFL and Taylor Swift, saying there was fewer shots of Swift at the Globes than there are at an NFL game- a reference to the time she attended a Kansas City Chief’s game to watch Travis Kelce with Kelce’s family.

That joke went viral, with Swift maintaining a stern look throughout the joke and choosing instead to take a sip of her wine rather than to laugh.

“I’d be lying if it doesn’t hurt, you know. I hit like a moment there where I was like Uhh. I’m a standup comic, but that hosting is a different style. I feel bad, but I have to say I loved what I did.

“I think the Taylor one was a little flat. It was a weird joke, I guess, but it was more on the NFL. I was trying to make fun of the NFL using cutaways and the Globes didn’t have to do that.”

GMA3 host Demarco Gordon told Koy he was being too hard on himself and said he got to represent, and not many people can say that.

“That’s one thing I want to be proud about,” Koy said. “It was a long journey. No one knew where the Golden Globes were going to be and the last second CBS picked up the show. Everyone was turning down the offer because of the time. I jumped on it. Let’s go for it.”

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  1. Koy showed what kind of person he is when he said that the only jokes thst people laughed at were the ones he wrote.

    Implication? His writers did a lousy job.

    Nobody ever should count on Koy to protect anyone’s back.

    He is such a coward.


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