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Bad Ass Asians

Racist Flyers Be Damned: A South Asian Landslide in New Jersey Polls

posted by Randall

Ravi Bhalla

Ravi Bhalla thanks his supporters who helped him get elected as Hoboken’s mayor. Photo Via Instagram

Views from the Edge
Whoever paid for those racist flyers against Asian American candidates in New Jersey wasted their money. The targeted candidates won their elections in a rebuke of the xenophobes.
Ravi Bhalla scored another … Read more

Asian Americans

Asian Americans Petition Obama to Say, “Sorry” for 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act

Asian Americans Petition Obama to Say, “Sorry” for 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act

posted by ShirleyNLew

By Shirley N Lew
AsAmNews New York Correspondent
Local political pressure is now on President Obama to make an official apology for the passing of the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act before he leaves office.

In early May, Senior Director of the Chinese Freemasons, Karlin Chan created a “We The People” petition in an effort to … Read more

Chinese American

Apr 6, 2014 Ξ Comments Off on Times Union: New immigrants settling in suburbs

Times Union: New immigrants settling in suburbs

posted by Randall

Citizenship ceremonyWhat’s happening in upstate New York mirrors what’s happening with immigrants in other parts of the country(Photo by Christian Reed).

The Times Union reports these new immigrants are shifting the patterns of earlier immigrants to this country. No longer are they settling in urban areas, but many are going straight to the suburbs.

Indians … Read more

Chinese American

Anti-affirmative action group wants to put scare in Democrats after SCA5

posted by Randall

vote80-20, one of the most outspoken opponents of affirmative action in the Asian American community, has launched a Republican voter education drive.

The group is headed by SB Woo, a former Lieutenant Governor from Delaware in the 1980s. A former Democrat himself, Woo is now reportedly registered as an independent.

On 80-20’s website and in … Read more

Bad Ass Asians

Jan 5, 2014 Ξ Comments Off on Huffington Post: We need more Jeremy Lins

Huffington Post: We need more Jeremy Lins

posted by Randall

Jeremy LinWhat is the Asian American fascination with Jeremy Lin? (photo by David Shankbone)

A blog by Daniel Koh for the Huffington Post concludes the Asian American community needs more Jeremy Lins.

Is it his underdog story of graduating from Harvard and overcoming the odds by breaking into a line up in the NBA?

Of … Read more


Oh, Oh. Tiger mom Amy Chua brings her sense of superiority back in new book

posted by Randall

Amy ChuaAmy Chua (pictured) has a way of drawing attention to her books, and in turn, presumably driving up book sales.

The author and Yale professor who  declared the Chinese method of tiger parenting superior to the American way for raising children now grants this notion of the superior Chinese, not only for parenting, but for … Read more

Chinese American

NPR: Chinese Americans come to terms with their fake names

posted by Randall

Angel Island Immigration Station courtesy California State Parks

William Wong is proud of his surname.

It’s Gee, not Wong. But the world knows him only as a Wong.

His family was one of many Chinese families who immigrated to America before World War II.(pictured Angel Island Immigration Station, courtesy California State Parks)

“We knew when we were growing up in Oakland Chinatown we … Read more


Why is SF Mayor Ed Lee described as a quiet leader?

posted by Randall

Ed LeeA recent article described San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee’s journey from a poor working class immigrant Chinese family to becoming the first elected Chinese American mayor in the city of San Francisco.

The article was written for the alumni magazine of Lee’s alma mater. Bowdoin University and republished in Fortune.

It was a largely flattering … Read more


Dec 10, 2013 Ξ Comments Off on XO Jane: How do you know if you’re a tiger kid

XO Jane: How do you know if you’re a tiger kid

posted by Randall

Chinese KidA study by Qing Zhou, an assistant professor of psychology at UC Berkeley and head of the campus’ Culture and Family Laboratory, found that children raised by tiger parents “tend to develop more aggression and have more social problems.” reports XO Jane.
Zhou’s study followed 250 Chinese American immigrant families with kids (photo by … Read more

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Dec 5, 2013 Ξ Comments Off on Los Angeles Times: Monterey Park nixes ban on Chinese-only signs

Los Angeles Times: Monterey Park nixes ban on Chinese-only signs

posted by Randall

Monterey Park, CAThe Monterey Park City Council has given the thumbs down to an ordinance that would have essentially banned signs in just Chinese and would have required some “modern Latin lettering” on storefront signs.

The Los Angeles Times reports the council took no action on the second reading of the ordinance, meaning its dead for now.… Read more


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