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SF Gate: Bravo Removes Racist Anti-Japanese Slur from New Show

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Princesses:Long IslandThe Bravo Network has removed a racist anti-Japanese slur from a new show following a protest from an Asian American member of the US Civil Rights Commission, reports SF Gate.

Commissioner Michael Yaki heard the slur j*p during a commercial used to promote the new show, “Princesses: Long Island.”

The term was meant as an acronym to refer to a spoiled Jewish women as a Jewish American princess.  But Yaki didn’t see it that way.

“This promo ran again and again and I got madder and madder and said, “This is not right,,” Yaki said.

Yaki sent a letter to Bravo  and within days, Bravo executives responded by saying the term would be removed from both the promo and the show.

You can read more about this controversy in SF Gate.

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  1. AsAmNews says:

    From @AAModelMinority via Twitter on racial slur used in Bravo show: "but white population will be patronizing and say "relax, am not racist it's just joke" or " I didn't mean offend "

  2. AsAmNews says:

    Response to @AAModelMinority on racial slur used in Bravo show: Some might, but I'm not comfortable with your generalizations.

  3. AsAmNews says:

    from Dmae Roberts via Facebook re Racial Slur on Bravo: "I'm glad they removed the term. It's so insensitive and it's used a lot for Jewish American Princess. I remember getting into a dialogue with a publisher of a a book that used that the acronym in a title. Think people. Think"

  4. Okay then says:

    Re: Bravo Use of Japanese Racial Slur: Get a life. Dummest article ever. They were obviously not referring to Asians. find something else 2 complain about

  5. AsAmNews says:

    Re: Okay Then comment on Bravo use of Japanese Racial Slur: There are other definitions of the "N" word too, but that word has become pretty much obsolete from the English Language. Same should happen to the "J" word

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