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Viral SF Karen who went on rant against Fil Am man speaks out

Lisa Alexander lost her job at a cosmetic firm after she verbally confronted a man stenciling Black Lives Matter on his apartment building using chalk. Now four years later, she has appeared on the online edition of Dr. Phil to give her side of the story.

“My career was completely stolen from me when someone else decided who I was,” said Alexander who said she wanted her life back.

The incident went viral when Filipino American James Juanillo posted this video in 2020 after being confronted by Alexander.

She was quickly dubbed the San Francisco Karen, a term used to describe privileged and racist White women.

Juanillo has responded to her latest comments saying “She sat for Dr Phil Primetime because she “Wants her life back”. My response? So does George Floyd.”

Alexander says she still received almost daily sometimes threatening messages about that encounter in June of 2020.

“I didn’t see what he was writing. I came up from behind him. He could have been writing ‘I love Santa Clause.’ It didn’t matter what he was writing. It was the fact that he was doing something on the historical monument house of my neighbor.”

She continues to say that Jaunillo did not live in the building, which has long been confirmed that he did live there, although he has since reportedly moved.

“Can you imagine if the Central Park Karen also resurfaced after almost 4 years and claimed that she did nothing wrong?, he said on X. That’s what’s happening with my SF Karen aka Sidewalk Karen aka Chalk Karen aka Lisa Alexander, CEO on Dr. Phil Primetime! #Boycottdrphil.

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  1. As an entitled white man, Dr. Phil confirmed her sense of entitlement. He told her that she did nothing wrong and should not have apologized. He said that James was wrong by not justifying his presence and offering his private information when confronted by her. Why should any victim of racism give that racist person their name and address?

    Dr. Phil ignored that she didn’t introduce herself or give her address. She told the Filipino man that he did not belong in her affluent white neighborhood. They called the cops on James. They made a racist judgment and took racist action. Everything she admitted to in her apology was accurate.

    But people need to stop sending death threats and doxing her. This only makes her and other entitled people feel even more superior over people of color. When they go low, we need to go high.


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