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SF Bay Guardian: Asian American civil rights leader ends 11 days of fasting for immigration reform


Vincent PanThe executive director of Chinese for Affirmative Action in San Francisco has ended 11 days of fasting in solidarity with immigrant activists who fasted for 22 days in Washington, D.C. , reports the SF Bay Guardian.

Vincent Pan (pictured)barely had the energy to speak when he took his first bite in n week-and-a half.

“The first few days I was very, very hungry, and had terrible headaches,” Pan said. “I kept reminding myself, if [the DC protesters] had been fasting for two weeks, I can manage three days. I stopped thinking about [them] and started thinking about the suffering in our country. Thousands of families have been split by deportations. We’re on track to have 400,000 deportations this year.”

Pan was joined by the Chinese Progressive Association and Women’s Collective or Colectiva de Mujeres as Latinos and Asians joined together in a common struggle.

You can hear Pan’s reaction after ending his fast and watch him take his first bites in the video below from the SF Bay Guardian.



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