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VOA: Parties Battle for Asian American Vote

voteThe Asian American vote is dismissed no more.

So say political analysts interviewed by the Voice of America.

Asian Americans are beginning to have an impact on the outcome of elections due to their fast increasing population.

“In certain states, [Asians] are providing a margin of victory,” said Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA). “For instance, in Nevada and in Virginia, they are a growing percentage that can influence the outcome of really close elections.“

That means Asian Americans can no longer be ignored by politicians who view the support of this community as crucial.

“I think now for the first time we see politicians actually going, ‘Wait a second — who are these people? How can we get them to be a part of our campaign, get them to be a part of our party?’ ” said Tanzila Ahmed of Asian Americans Advancing Justice in Los Angeles.

You can find out about some crucial races in next month’s election in the clip below from Voice of America.




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