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These factors increase risks of heart disease in Asians

Stress from such outside factors as being unemployed or not having a college degree increase the chances of heart disease among Asian Americans, the Journal for the American Heart Association reports.

According to the University of Washington, the research found that these social factors put Asians at a 14% higher odds of high blood pressure, a 17% higher odds of unhealthy sleep, and a 24% higher odds of type 2 diabetes.

“Despite the perception that Asian Americans may be less impacted by social determinants of health compared to other racial and ethnic groups, our findings indicate unfavorable social factors are associated with higher prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors among Asian American groups,” said lead author Dr. Eugene Yang at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

The risk factors ranged from economic instability, negative social interactions, psychological stress, food insecurity, a lack of education and unequal access to health care.

The study surveyed nearly 6400 Asians- including a roughly equal number of Filipinos, Asian Indians and Chinese.

According to News Medical, researchers found:

  • Chinese have a 45% greater likelihood of type-2 diabetes
  • Filipinos have a 24% greater likelihood of type-2 diabetes.
  • Filipinos have a 28% greater likelihood of high blood pressure
  • Asian Indians have a 20% likelihood of not getting enough sleep
  • Chinese have a 56% more likelihood of nicotine exposure
  • Filipinos have a 50% more likelihood of nicotine exposure

The study also found 4 out of 7 Filipinos suffer from poor sleep, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity.

Dr. Yang spoke more in detail about the study with UW Medicine. He says South Asians are more at risk of cardiovascular disease than East Asians.

In fact, data extracted from death certificates found that Asian Indian women and men had the highest mortality rates within their age groups from ischemic heart disease compared to other Asian subgroups.

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