Knicks Fans Welcome Back Jeremy Lin, Then Boo Him Later



basketballNew York Knicks fans had it both ways Monday night during  Jeremy Lin’s return to Madison Square Garden. But in the end Lin got the last laugh. The fans gave him a rousing ovation during introductions, but then booed him when he missed a free throw and air balled a three, reported  USA Today.

That was the game in the stands. The game on the court was quite different with Lin hitting 9 of 15 field goals on the way to 22 points, 8 assists and a 109-96 victory. It was the Knicks first home loss and 2nd loss this season against the Houston Rockets.

Before the game, the Asian American point guard reflected back on his time in New York.

“It was obviously a time in my life just being able to play basketball and for us to win games and to do it in the fashion we did was so much fun and energy and buzz,” he said. “It’s definitely something I’ll remember forever.




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