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NY Times: Court may get a chance to overrule Korematsu decision endorsing incarceration camps

Executive Order 9066The conviction against Fred Korematsu who challenged the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II was overturned.
Four states have declared Fred Korematcu Day in honor of the civil rights icon.
But the Supreme Court ruling backing Executive Order 9066 in the Korematsu case has never been overruled.
The New York Times reports the court may finally get that chance.
The challenge of a 2012 federal law authorizing the military detention without trial of people suspected of supporting terrorist groups is now before the court.
Many of the principles that applied to the Korematsu case seem to apply in this case.
Japanese Americans were among the most vocal in support of the civil rights of Muslim Americans in the post 9-11 era.
It would be fitting if the courts use this opportunity to support those rights to overturn the Korematsu decision.
In many circles that would not be popular decision. We could soon find out whether this court has the courage to do so.
You can read more about the issues surrounding this case in the New York Times.


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