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Public CEO: Oakland Mayor Jean Quan coming back from the dead

Mayor Jean Quan In political terms, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan was thought to be dead, a one term mayor about to be voted out of office.

But Public CEO reports, the tide may be changing for the former UC Berkeley activist and embattled mayor.

News stories about Oakland’s high crime and murder rate have been replaced about stories of the city’s revitalization.

The city is now seen as an area where hipsters who have been priced out of San Francisco can find an affordable home and nice neighborhoods.

San Francisco Chronicle columnist Chip Johnson has been a vocal critic of Quan, but a recent column paints a different picture.

“I don’t usually buy government-generated buzz about renaissance and revitalization, and this is an election year, but there’s something different at work here. If you consider sheer construction volume alone and the investment it represents, it carries an unfamiliar ring of credibility.”

You can read about possible challenges to Quan’s second term and the shifting landscape in Public CEO.


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