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Controversial ‘Miss Saigon’ has Broadway Revival, Raises the Question: What’s Changed on Broadway for Asian Americans?

posted by Takuma Okada

Miss SaigonBy Takuma Okada
AsAmNews Intern

“Miss Saigon” is the latest hit musical to receive the revival treatment, perhaps taking its cue from the success of The King and I in 2015. But while we can celebrate the diverse cast, Miss Saigon has been a source of controversy in the U.S. since it first came to … Read more

Asian Americans

Vogue Diversity Issue Is a Head Scratcher

posted by Randall
Vogue Diversity Issue

Vogue “diversity” Issue

The word diversity is thrown around a lot. It means different things to different people.

Folks at Vogue are learning their idea of diversity doesn’t fit with a lot of other people.

In the just released diversity issue of Vogue, they have Danish-German American fashion model Karlie Kloss in black hair dressed … Read more

Chinese American

Yellowface Casting Controversy Erupts in Houston

posted by Randall
Houston Grand Opera

Photo by Houston Grand Opera

500,000 Asian Americans live in Houston. They are the fastest growing ethnic population in the city.

Yet the Houston Grand Opera seems to be stuck in a different time.

It’s new production of Nixon in China features White actors in Asian roles.

The Houston Chronicle describes the portrayal of those … Read more

Asian Americans

Asian Americans Banish the Quiet Stereotype

posted by Lisa Dinh
Asian American male model

An Asian American male model shatters the stereotype of AAPI men as unattractive and nerdy

Asian Americans are taking to the media, where they are often stereotyped as quiet and passive,  to boldly and bravely voice their dissenting opinions.

The Huffington Post recently outlined 10 instances when the community made headlines and shattered the silent … Read more

Asian Americans

Asian Americans Take to Twitter to Vent Frustration #MyYellowFaceStory #WhiteWashedOut

posted by Louis Chan
Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johannson is made to look more Asian in Ghost in the Shell

By Louis Chan
AsAmNews National Correspondent

Fans joined actors from both Broadway and Hollywood to vent their rage about the lack of roles for both Asian Americans in film and on stage.

Two Twitter hashtag campaigns have gained momentum in the last … Read more


Blog: #HollywoodSoWhite – The incredible ‘whiteness’ of being

posted by Randall

Hollywood has a long history of ‘yellow face’ with some pretty big names taking part including, from left: Marlon Brando, John Wayne and Mickey Rooney. Can you name the films they were in where they played Asians? (For answers, see below.)

By Ed Diokno

I can’t wait until Chris Rock comes on stage to host … Read more

Chinese American

Tibetan Feminist: Is Marvel Breaking the Glass Ceiling or Whitewashing?

posted by Randall

Dr Strange

Dr. Strange

Coming off the recent controversy over the casting of Emma Stone as a Hawaiian Chinese in the movie Aloha, the internet has been buzzing about another whitewashing controversy.
According to the Hollywood Reporter, Tilda Swinton is in negotiations to play a Tibetan character in the Marvel studio’s Dr. Strange.
 … Read more

Asian Americans

Complex: Cameron Crowe Casts Another White Actress to Portray Asian American

posted by Randall

Jacquelyn ByersFresh off his decision to cast Emma Stone to play Allison Ng in the box office bomb Aloha, there’s word that Cameron Crowe has cast another White actress to portray an Asian American.

Complex reports that Crowe has selected an actress named Jacquelyn Byers to play Natalie Shin in the upcoming Showtime comedy, RoadiesRead more

Asian Americans

Asian Emoji Has Some Asian Americans seeing Red

posted by Randall


New emojis being released by Apple to represent a more diverse world have some Asians shaking their heads.

The one many say is meant to represent East Asians is bright yellow. Now that’s taking yellow power to the extreme. Some consider it more yellowface.

According to SFist, the uproar actually began on the Chinese … Read more

Asian Americans

Non-Asian Americans Relate to Fresh Off the Boat

posted by Ariel Neidermeier

Hudson Yang

By Ariel Neidermeier

ABC’s new sitcom, Fresh Off the Boat, is the first network television show to feature an Asian American cast in 20 years.

“It’s great seeing an all-Asian cast on a television show for once,” said 24-year-old Oakland, Calif. resident, Bridget Rochios, “I’m not Asian but my grandparents immigrated from Greece so

Read more


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