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No Happy Ending to Racist Song

posted by Randall

Happy Ending

It’s the open secret behind the doors of too many massage parlors.

Happy endings have become synonymous with sex.

Too often its connected to sex trafficking-women lured to America with the promise of a better life, only to be trapped into a life of sexual servitude at a massage parlor while they pay off the cost of their passage to America.

Unfortunately its also the name of a just released song from rapper Hopsin, also known as Marcus Jamal Hopsin.
Happy Ending
Hopsin leaves no doubt about what he means when he sings about happy ending.

In case you aren’t sure, he acts out the dirty deed, including stripping down and simulating sex acts with equally scantily clad Asian women.

Pity the poor models who were desperate enough to take such a degrading role.

The lyrics are very suggestive.

I can give you good massage
I can be your everything if you give me 50 bucks
If you no say nothing, I give you sucky-sucky.
If you give me more money, I give you something lucky

That’s not even the worst part-although there are so many offensive images and lyrics in this song, it’d hard to rank them.

The song gets off to a onerous start as Hopsin feigns a chop suey accent complete with the piano riff that has become associated with Hollywood racist portrayal of Asians.

The song is also full of stereotypical images of submissive Asian women whose only purpose in life is apparently pleasing their man.

I wrestled with whether to write about this. The problem is with social media being the way it is, pretending something doesn’t exist doesn’t make it go away.

You can’t just ignore something these days because its out there whether you like it or not.

Perhaps the best way to deal with this is to use this as an educational opportunity about sex trafficking.

The US Institute Against Human Trafficking estimates there are 21 million victims of human trafficking worldwide. 21 percent are children and 55 percent are women.

In the United States, numbers are hard to confirm, but the Institute strongly believes there are more than 100,000 children alone trapped in sex trafficking.

Latinos and Asians comprise the largest group of human trafficking victims in the United States.Happy Ending

It’s hard not to be offended by Hopsin’s song knowing all this.

Educate yourself.

You can learn more in this brief report.

National Human Trafficking Report

Asia is the largest source of human trafficking in the United States

ht/Karlin Chan

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